Who we are

In line with the principles of Good Corporate Governance, VERIFY Group assists our clients in discretely and effectively vetting onboarding Executives, Board Members or Business Partners.

Our Due Diligence/Vetting services are known to be of the highest quality, and follow the strictest guidelines and ethical standards in the industry.

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Due Diligence / Vetting Services

Our consultants have assisted several C-20 companies, private equity funds and public institutions in screening candidates for senior level executive positions. We also assist companies and investors reduce business acquisition and business partnering risks and increase the likelihood of post-transaction success. 

Our services include:

Why vetting matters

The Executive Team and Board of Directors are the face of an organization. They exert profound impact on brand equity and posses the unique ability to influence corporate direction, culture and image. With the objective of mitigating the inherent risks in bringing on board new executives that may destroy rather than add value to an organisation, vetting candidates has become a widely applied risk management tool for companies locally and across the globe.


At VERIFY Group we are highly experienced in performing local, regional and international Due Diligence/Vetting processes for local and international clients.

VERIFY Group has direct representation in Copenhagen, London and Singapore. In addition, we work with selected international partners across the globe.

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Book on High Performance

Anyone can become a high performer!
In the book, “High Performance” written by our CEO, Henrik Brabrand, we offer specific advice and tools on how executives can become high performers. Chapter by chapter, the characteristics, drivers and relevancy of high performance are described and discussed, while valuable insight into the preconditions and skills required for becoming a high performer is provided.  View cover here.

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